Rainy Day in the Texas Hill Country

Hello to my sweet friends!

This cloudy Monday has found me reminiscing about the clouds and rain of last week…

Last week it was an absolute delight to be lulled to sleep by distant thunder and the patter of rain on our roof. We have been experiencing a terrible drought for so long here in central Texas, that when rain does come, it’s time to rejoice! Even the crashes of lightening that woke us around 1:00 AM were exciting to hear and not looked upon as a nuisance.

The “puddles” on our property with a view of our driveway and our home in the background

The rain came down so hard and lasted all through the night that in the morning our property – with the puddles and the tress boughs hanging down – all most looked like a bayou.  Well, maybe not exactly, but those puddles made us really happy. ;-)

More puddles

The patio wet and dappled with damp leaves

And a full birdbath…albeit a bit kattywompus

The following morning found the weather damp and cold.  So it was cause to light a fire in the kitchen fireplace and then enjoy some hot cocoa.

My son, Ben

Days like this are far and few between and will most likely continue to be so,  at least for the immediate future.  The weatherman tells us their is no end insight for the drought until late spring, at the earliest.

But there was more to this day than just being happy to see the rain.  It was a day when my son and I forgot about school books, homework, activities, and more and just set aside some time to chat about this and that.  Now that was something to be happy about!  Even though he’s a teen, he still likes to chat with his dear old mom.  I love you Ben!

Thanks so much for visiting with me today. :-)

See you soon.


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