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Come Visit with Me Today at Reluctant Entertainer

Good Morning Sweet Friends & Readers,

Come join me today at Reluctant Entertainer!

I have wonderful news to share with you.  Today, I am guest posting at the delightful blog Reluctant Entertainer written by Sandy Coughlin – one of the nicest women I know.  Sandy’s blog – as the name implies – guides all us “reluctant entertainers” to become more comfortable about opening our homes – and our hearts – to family and friends.

Once you start reading Sandy’s blog – as well as her book by the same name – you will be delighted by her encouraging and gentle tone.  It’s like a warm and loving hug from a sister.  And that’s just how I feel about her!  I’m confident that as you get to know Sandy, you will grow to love her just as I have!

“From Fussy Washington Attorney to Hill Country Hostess”…Come read my guest post at Reluctant Entertainer