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If you would like more content from me in addition to my YouTube videos, The Modern Pioneer Cookbook, newsletters, and social media, here are places on the Web where I’ve been interviewed in podcasts and have written as Mary Bryant Shrader for print and online magazines. You’ll even find links to my TV appearances too!

Note: If you’d like to invite me to be on your podcast or write or be interviewed for your printed or online magazine, please contact me. I love talking about traditional foods and how to help other YouTube creators!

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Podcasts with Mary Bryant Shrader

These audio and video podcasts include interviews of me.

TV Appearances by Mary Bryant Shrader

These video links are to TV appearances by me.

Magazine Articles Written by or About Mary Bryant Shrader

These magazine articles were written by or about me and only appear in print.

Online Articles Written by or About Mary Bryant Shrader (Online or Online and Print)

These online articles were written by or about me. In addition to being online, they can also appear in print.