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In addition to my neighborhood grocery store, the farmer’s market, and local farms, I also shop online. On this Shopping Guide page, I show you where I shop for my groceries and kitchenware. I share my go-to resources where I find the best foods and products for stocking my Traditional Foods Kitchen. I also share courses from providers I trust to help you learn new traditional skills.

I only share retailers that I actually buy from and products that I actually use. Many of these retailers have provided promocodes and discount codes for my viewers on this page that you can use for your purchases.


Affiliates note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. My content may contain affiliate links to products and services. If you click through and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission. It does not affect the price you pay.

Mary’s Nest Shop on Amazon

Mary's Nest Shop

Farmhouse Teas


Survival Garden Seeds

Get 10% off these seed collections with discount code MARYSNEST:

Video: Learn about the 3 best survival garden seed collections

Lehman’s Hardware Store


US Wellness Meats


Use discount code MARYSNST and my link for a one-time 15% off Masontops products on


Use discount code MARYSNST and my link for a one-time 15% off Breadsmart products on

Plan to Eat

Redmond Real Salt

Cultures for Health

To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company

Northwest Wild Foods



Online Courses

School of Botanical Arts and Sciences

Healing Harvest Homestead logo

Get 10% off the following classes with my link and promo code MarysNest10

Pioneering Today Academy

School of Traditional Skills

Take the guesswork out of simple and self-sufficient learning. Come and learn with seasoned instructors who have developed proven and time-tested methods from their years of experience. (Instructors include Joel Salatin, Justin Rhodes, Melissa K. Norris, Sally Fallon Morell, Carolyn Thomas, and Mary Bryant Shrader [That’s me😊]!

Video Gear and Services

Mary holding sourdough bread in front of a camera.