Discover the 5 most surprising anti-inflammatory drinks. If you’re tired of being told you need to drink green tea all day, you’ll love these more flavorful beverages. Not only are they delicious, but they also help reduce inflammation in our bodies.

Today’s video continues my special series about how to tamp down inflammation with anti-inflammatory foods, drinks, and herbs. In my first video of the series, I talked about the 5 most surprising anti-inflammatory foods.

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Why Do We Want to Reduce Inflammation?

Inflammation can damage the cells in our bodies over time, and this internal damage can lead to various diseases. Some inflammation is necessary, as it’s your body’s natural response to injury, such as when you cut your finger. This normal and healthy defense mechanism is part of the healing process. However, chronic inflammation can be harmful if it persists continuously, so managing and reducing unnecessary inflammation is vital for maintaining good health.


Note: I am not a doctor or medical professional. This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose any type of illness. If you are not feeling well, please seek professional medical attention and medicine. And if you are thinking of supplementing your treatment with home remedies, be sure to talk to your medical professional about them. It’s important that you get the medicine and treatments you need to get back to good health.

List of the 5 Surprising Anti-Inflammatory Drinks

We often hear about the importance of drinking green tea to improve our health, and there is nothing wrong with this common beverage. Fortunately, the anti-inflammatory drinks discussed in today’s post are flavorful alternatives to the standard fare. These drinks provide vitamins, minerals, and intriguing tastes to help your body tamp down inflammation.

Some of these beverages may be familiar to you, but if not, don’t worry. In this post, I will include links to videos and printable recipes that show you how to make many of them right in your own kitchen!

  1. Stinging Nettle Tea
  2. Black Tea, hot or iced, as well as Kombucha made with Black Tea
  3. Tibicos or what some nickname Tibi
  4. Turmeric Golden Milk
  5. Tepache

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Stinging Nettle Tea for More Than Just Allergies

If you have allergies and like home remedies, you might be familiar with the herb stinging nettle. Today, many folks use stinging nettle in tea or capsule form to combat seasonal allergies. Scientists have studied stinging nettle for its anti-inflammatory properties. This is not surprising since allergies are actually a form of inflammation!

The good news is that stinging nettle is quite tasty when turned into a hot or iced tea for a flavorful anti-inflammatory drink. But if you have problems finding stinging nettle at your local grocery store or specialty store, you can order it online from my sweet friend CeAnne over at Farmhouse Teas.

Discount Code for Farmhouse Teas

Farmhouse Teas logo

If you are in search of high-quality herbal ingredients to make your natural remedies, be sure to visit with my friend CeAnne over at Farmhouse Teas. She put together a special page to help you get the ingredients and equipment you need to make many of these Anti-Inflammatory Drinks.

Plus, CeAnne is generous to offer 10% off your Farmhouse Teas order with discount code MarysNest10 on her teas, herbs, and spices for my sweet friends!

I love Farmhouse Teas because it is a small family-owned and run business. CeAnne and her family work hard to procure a wide selection of herbs and spices, mostly organic, to create the signature blends of flavorful teas they offer to the public. They also sell the individual herbs and spices along with a whole host of supplies for making your own tea blends or herbal home remedies.

You can also use my discount code and links below to get the ingredients to make the following natural remedies that I’ve shown you how to make in earlier recipe videos.

Black Tea as an Anti-Inflammatory

We hear so much about how green tea has been credited with curing what ails you, but plain old black tea is also loaded with anti-inflammatory properties! And you can enjoy it anyway you like: caffeinated, decaffeinated, hot, iced, sweetened, or unsweet. Its outstanding properties shine through in any form!

How to Make Kombucha with Black Tea

If you want to take your black tea one step further and pump up its healing properties, try turning it into kombucha. This sparkling probiotic drink has become quite popular, and you can find it at most grocery stores. But did you know that you can make kombucha homemade? It’s easy, and I show you how in a detailed step-by-step Beginner’s Guide to Kombucha Making video.

Mary holding a jar with a Kombucha SCOBY.

Pro Tip: When making kombucha, you’ll start with a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). You’ll also need to add a tea as part of your kombucha recipe. Since your SCOBY thrives on feasting on caffeine, you will make your best kombucha using caffeinated black tea.

What is Tibicos?

Tibicos or tibi might be new words to you, but if you’ve been learning about traditional foods, you will probably be familiar with the term water kefir. Tibicos is simply another name for water kefir. Like milk kefir, Tibicos is an effervescent probiotic-rich drink fermented using grains similar to milk kefir grains. The only difference is that the culture used to develop water kefir grains creates a smaller transparent grain.

Water Kefir fermenting

As a fermented drink that supports digestive health, Tibicos, like other fermented beverages, can help tamp down inflammation. It does this by improving gut health. If your digestive track is healthy and better able to absorb nutrients from the food you eat, your body will be able to fight off unwanted inflammation better.

Although it’s easy to find premade Tibicos or water kefir at most grocery stores today right next to the bottles of kombucha, you can also make it homemade. In my How to Make Water Kefir video, I’ll show you how to make Tibicos in your own kitchen. You’ll love this probiotic-rich fermented drink for good gut health.

If you want to learn more about milk kefir and other beverages, my son Ben and I enjoy some kefir in our Two Texans Taste Popular and Traditional Eastern European Foods video.

Water Kefir Grains from Cultures for Health

If you’re looking for the water kefir grains for a homemade batch of Tibicos, you can get them from Cultures for Health. Be sure to use this link and discount code MARYSNEST for 15% off your purchase on the their website.

How to Make Tibicos with Tart Cherry Juice

Tibicos is an excellent fermented drink to enjoy for its probiotic benefits, but you can take it one step further and boost its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s easy to do.

Once you make your first batch of Tibicos:

  1. Strain the grains
  2. Add some tart cherry juice, and
  3. Allow it to have, in essence, a second ferment for another 12-24 hours

At this point, you have an effervescent probiotic-rich drink that is also high in anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the addition of the tart cherry juice!

Lakewood Organic Pure Tart Cherry

Learn more about the benefits of cherry juice:

Powerful Properties of Turmeric Golden Milk

Turmeric is one of the darling spices of the anti-inflammatory crowd. But did you know that for the human body to properly absorb all the anti-inflammatory properties that turmeric has to offer, you need to ensure you are consuming turmeric the right way with fat and black pepper!

If you are familiar with Indian cuisine, which uses plenty of turmeric, you may have noticed that many recipes using turmeric will also call for ghee (a form of clarified butter) and black pepper. Well, the same rules apply when making a turmeric tea or golden milk (turmeric milk). Using whole milk (full-fat milk) or full-fat coconut milk, warmed on the stove along with turmeric and black pepper, will create the ultimate anti-inflammatory drink. And a tasty one at that!

Learn more about the properties of turmeric with these resources:

How to Make Turmeric Milk – The Right Way!

If you want to learn how to make a turmeric spice mix that you can have ready anytime you want to whip up a batch of golden milk, be sure to watch my How to Make a Turmeric Golden Milk Spice Mix video. I show you how to make a shelf-stable golden milk spice mix and then how to turn it into a tasty golden milk. You won’t want to miss this one!

And just in case you like the idea of having some ready made turmeric mixes on hand for making teas and milks, be sure to check out the Farmhouse Teas selection. They also sell pure turmeric—perfect for making your homemade spice mix.

What is Tepache?

When it comes to fermented drinks, I am a big fan of Tepache. Not only is it flavorful, but it also speaks to my no-waste kitchen heart! Tepache is an effervescent probiotic-rich beverage made from the rind of a pineapple. Nothing goes to waste! And once you are done making your Tepache, you can reuse the rind to make pineapple scrap vinegar. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Although there are no direct studies at this time (at least none that I am aware of) that have studied Tepache’s anti-inflammatory characteristics, there are many scientific studies on the benefits of a popular fermented beverage—Kombucha—which we discussed earlier. There are also numerous studies on the benefits of milk kefir and a handful of studies on water kefir (Tibicos).

Scientists are becoming increasingly interested in fermented foods and beverages because it appears that the fermentation process creates anti-inflammatory properties in these types of foods and drinks. I am doing my best to keep us ahead of the curve. So enjoy Tepache for its probiotic-rich goodness, since it’s most likely providing you with some anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

Learn more with these resources:

How to Ensure That Tepache Is An Anti-Inflammatory Drink

I decided to make my Tepache in a special way to ensure that it is, in fact, rich in anti-inflammatory properties. I did this by including the core of the pineapple along with the rinds when making Tepache.

The core of the pineapple is rich in a substance known as bromelain, which is high in anti-inflammatory properties. So, by including the pineapple core and the rind when making Tepache, you’re using another part of the pineapple that is generally not consumed, and you’re creating a rich anti-inflammatory drink!

So be sure to watch my How to Make Tepache—An Anti-Inflammatory Fermented Pineapple Drink video and learn how to make my version of Tepache, which is rich in good bacteria for our digestive health and rich in anti-inflammatory properties!

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