The Traditional Foods Kitchen Academy is a special membership community on my Mary’s Nest YouTube channel. This optional paid membership is in addition to the weekly free videos that I will continue to publish on my YouTube channel.

Special Kitchen Academy Member Benefits

We’re going to have a lot of fun together in the membership community. You can purchase a membership through YouTube, and there’s just one all-inclusive tier, so you won’t miss out on anything. All members get access to:

  • Members-only videos — We’ll kick off the exclusive members-only videos with a tour of my kitchen!
  • Members-only vodcasts — We’ll talk about how to stock the traditional foods pantry, how to equip the traditional foods kitchen, and more!
  • Loyalty badges — These special badges will appear next to your name in comments and live chats.
  • Members-only posts — You’ll get private posts on my YouTube community page and announcements with a link when I publish members-only videos.

Please feel free to leave me questions on any of my Traditional Foods Kitchen Academy videos. I’m happy to answer them!

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