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I was happy to chat with my sweet Kitchen Pioneers during this month’s live stream on July 27, 2023. It was so much fun sharing all about my adventures at the 2023 Modern Homesteading Conference and some behind-the-scenes of my new cookbook.

Mary holding The Modern Pioneer Cookbook
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The Modern Homesteading Conference

I enjoyed chatting with you about the action-packed Modern Homesteading Conference. The talks were amazing, and it was exciting to meet Joel Salatin, give him a big hug, and get an autographed copy of his book all about chickens!

Mary Bryant Shrader with Joel Salatin at the Modern Homesteading Conference

The Kootenai County Fairgrounds, where the conference was located, was packed with people attending presentations and visiting booths to learn about the latest homesteading products and services. Audiences filled up the presentation areas to learn from many luminaries, including Melissa K. Norris, who organized the conference, and Josh and Carolyn from Homesteading Family.

Modern Homesteading Conference: Mary Bryant Shrader with Melissa K Norris

I also had the joy of meeting CeAnne from Farmhouse Teas and Heidi from Healing Harvest Homestead. (Be sure to check my shopping guide for discounts to my sweet friends from these wonderful companies.)

I hope that you will be able to make next year’s Modern Homesteading Conference if you are in the area or can travel to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. (The town and lake are gorgeous!) Plus, I’ll be giving a presentation at next year’s conference!

Cookbook Behind the Scenes

It was also fun to share with you the latest news on my new book, The Modern Pioneer Cookbook, and share some of the behind-the-scenes of publishing. There was a big surprise when I showed you the first copy of the book I received was actually blank inside. (My publisher sent it to me so I could know what the cover looked like!)

My complete book—cover, text, and recipes—is available for preorders, so I hope you will consider ordering your copy now if you would like one. They’ll start shipping on August 15, 2023! Whoo hoo!

And if you have already preordered your copy, thank you SO much! It means the world that you are on this traditional foods journey with me!

Traditional Foods Kitchen Academy Live Stream

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In addition to links to the latest Kitchen Academy vodcasts, this blog post lists some of the public videos that I talk about in my live stream.

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These live streams are a lot of fun, and I enjoy getting to know more about you, my wonderful Kitchen Pioneers. 😊

Be sure to bring your questions for me to our live streams. You can also get to know the other members in our Kitchen Pioneers community. You’ll find a lot of fellow Kitchen Pioneers who are working on sourdough starters, ferments, and more traditional foods recipes, just like you!

Remember that you’re always welcome to post questions and comments on my videos at any time, and I’m glad to reply.

More Kitchen Pioneer Videos

In addition to live streams, I publish exclusive videos for my membership community. In case you have missed any of my past videos, be sure to catch up with the videos below.

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