In today’s vodcast, I chat about two interesting concepts regarding how our bodies might react differently to the consumption of salt depending on whether we are salt sensitive or salt resistant. You’ll learn more about the latest research on salt intake.

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Are You Salt Sensitive?

We have heard so much about the fact that salt raises blood pressure, but is that really true? Well, yes, for some people, that is true. If you consume what for you is too much salt, your blood pressure will increase. If this happens to you, you are what doctors would refer to as salt sensitive.

Or Are You Salt Resistant?

But what if you can eat salt to your heart’s content and nothing happens to your blood pressure? Surprisingly, scientists are finding that this may actually be quite common. And if you fall into this camp, you will be classified as someone who is salt resistant. Salt basically has little or no effect on your blood pressure.

Or Might You Even Be Reverse Salt Sensitive!

Reverse Salt Sensitivity tends to be rare compared to the other two categories surrounding salt and its effect on our bodies, but this condition is probably the most fascinating. If you are to be reverse salt sensitive, your blood pressure actually goes down when you consume salt!

One Size Does Not Fit All

This topic shows that as scientists learn more about salt intake, the old adage that no one size fits all becomes more true with each passing day!

So, have a chat with your medical professional to learn how you can determine what category of salt sensitivity you might fall into. This information might help you make adjustments to your salt intake and traditional foods diet to help you feel your best!


I am not a doctor or medical professional. If you are not feeling well, please seek professional medical attention and medicine. And if you are thinking of supplementing your treatment with home remedies, be sure to talk to your medical professional about them. It’s important that you get the medicine and treatments you need to get back to good health.

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