Cookbook Updates

I am thankful that thousands of you have read and used my cookbook in your kitchens to help you create delicious and nutritious traditional foods. You’ve helped my book, The Modern Pioneer Cookbook, reach the bestseller lists, and I am grateful for your kind words and support!

If you have the current edition of my cookbook, here are updates to the text that may help to make the information clearer:

  • Pg. 73 – Emphasizing maintaining the temperature at 110°F (43°C) would be helpful earlier in the yogurt recipe. Under the numbered section of steps, add the following to the end of step number 2: “Cool milk to 110°F (43°C).”
  • Pg. 96 – Update the Sauerkraut recipe equipment text to read: “2 small glass jars that are no larger than a 4-ounce canning jelly jar and can fit into the opening of a wide-mouth quart-size glass jar. (If you use 1 half gallon-size jar, you will need only 1 small glass jar.)”
  • Pg. 303 – The index in the back of the book lists Yogurt under Cultured Dairy, but you can also include it by itself as: Yogurt 73

If you find any areas of the cookbook that could use additional information or clarification, please let me know through my contact page. I appreciate you letting me know!