Unauthorized Cookbook Workbooks

Unfortunately, some people and publishers are trying to capitalize on the success of The Modern Pioneer Cookbook in the marketplace.

Avoid These Unauthorized Workbooks

You may see workbooks that purport to supplement my book on retail websites. These books were not approved by me or my publisher, and they contain inaccurate or erroneous information.

Don’t buy these unauthorized books, and if you accidentally bought one of these books thinking they were legitimate, I encourage you to return them and ask for your money back. Hopefully, they’ll get the message and not create these unhelpful books in the future.

Create Your Own Workbook

If you would like a workbook to supplement my cookbook, I recommend you create your own!

  1. Create a Kitchen Journal. Get a three-hole binder and print out the kitchen information and recipes you want to keep. (You can get started with the free printouts available on my website.) A wifi connection and today’s Internet-based content may not always be available, so having a hard copy of the information means you know it’ll be there for you in the future.
  2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. I share with you over 600 in-depth videos with topics for your traditional foods kitchen. You can find detailed videos to accompany a number of the recipes in my cookbook.
  3. Add notebook paper. When you add three-hole-punched paper (wide-ruled, college-ruled, or blank) notebook paper to your kitchen journal, you’ve grown your journal into a full-fledged workbook that you can fill with your recipe and cooking experiences. (This is especially handy as you start to work on fermentation recipes, where recording the place and temperature of your ferment will help you remember where to place – or not put – your ferment in the future.)

Your personalized workbook will be the best, and it’ll serve you well as you transform your processed foods kitchen into a traditional foods kitchen!