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How to Seal Mylar Bags in Seconds for Long Term Food Storage

Watch the How to Seal a Mylar Bag for Long Term Food Storage video

Learn How to Seal Mylar Bags in Seconds! This technique gives you a perfect long-term food storage option for your Prepper Pantry.

What are Mylar Bags?

Mylar Bags are opaque storage bags that come in all different sizes, and they are made from metalized polyester. The bags look like they were made from a heavy-duty aluminum foil.

You can fill these bags with dry food (food that has 10% or less moisture) along with the appropriate amount of Oxygen Absorbers. Once filled, you can easily seal Mylar Bags in seconds with an ordinary clothes iron or a ladies’ flat iron hair straightener. (In my tutorial video, I show you how to seal a Mylar Bag with a clothes iron.) Once sealed, the oxygen absorbers will remove the oxygen in the bag, thereby keeping the food fresh.

What Foods Can You Store in Mylar Bags?

You can store a variety of foods in Mylar Bags with Oxygen Absorbers. Remember that the foods stored in this way must be dry foods that contain 10% or less moisture. You cannot store oily foods in Mylar Bags with Oxygen Absorbers. Some of the dry foods that you can keep in Mylar Bags include:

  • White rice
  • Whole grains (except brown rice and barley)
  • Rolled oats
  • All-purpose and bread flour (both of which have had all the bran and germ removed)
  • Beans

For more information on what you can and can’t store using Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers, check the additional resources section. Although a religious organization, the Latter Day Saints are also considered an authoritative source on long-term food storage.

How to Label Mylar Bags

When I label my Mylar Bags before sealing them, I like to use a BIC Mark-It Permanent Marker since it doesn’t smear like other markers. In addition to labeling the bag with what I’m storing in it (like “Jasmine Rice”), I also include the approximate weight, as well as the month and year when I sealed the bag.

How to Store Mylar Bags

When storing your Mylar Bags, be aware that they are NOT rodent-proof! Plus, they can tear easily. Because of these reasons, you should give your sealed Mylar Bags a second level of protection. You can add a double layer of defense by storing your bags in heavy-duty storage buckets, such as 5-Gallon Buckets with snap-on lids or Gamma Lids.

I prefer to use 5 Gallon Buckets to safeguard my sealed Mylar Bags, and I show you the ideal way to install Gamma Lids on your storage buckets in my Best Long-Term Food Storage Containers for Your Prepper Pantry video.

As another option, you can store your sealed Mylar Bags in large, heavy-duty rectangular containers with lids, such as large plastic tubs. Since your sealed bags are generally rectangular-shaped, these types of storage containers can maximize your space for storing as many Mylar Bags together as possible.

But, most importantly, giving your Mylar Bags a second layer of protection will pay off in the long run by protecting your food for long-term storage.

How Long Will My Food Last in Mylar Bags?

Much depends on what you are storing in your Mylar Bags, but food stored in these sealed bags greatly extends its normal shelf life. Some estimates say that dry foods stored in Mylar Bags can stay fresh anywhere from 10-40 years…and beyond. In the case of white rice, it might just last forever!

Speaking of forever, if you would like more information on what foods are considered Forever Foods, even with no special storage requirements, be sure to watch my tutorial video.

Additional Resources

The resources below are authoritative sources on long-term food storage, including what foods are best to store and the safest ways to keep them.

And if you’re not sure what to store in your Extended or Prepper Pantry, be sure to download my free 36-page pantry list. You can use the food lists in this comprehensive eBook to help you stock your Four Corners Pantry.

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