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How to Stock Your Prepper Pantry for $5 a Week with a Prepper Pantry Grocery List

Watch the How to Stock Your Prepper Pantry for Five Dollars a Week video

Today, it’s time to start creating your $5 a week Prepper Pantry grocery list. In this third video of my three-part Prepper Pantry Series, I show you lots of food examples and compare prices to help you plan your budget. You don’t want to miss this comprehensive video!

Let’s Get Started!

This video and blog post covers Part 3, How to Stock Your Prepper Pantry for $5 a Week, of my special video series. Part 1 answered the question, “What is a Prepper Pantry?” And Part 2 covered How to Stock Your Prepper Pantry with Real Food. So be sure to catch-up on those videos if you’ve missed them.

Make a Prepper Pantry Grocery List

When it comes to stocking a Prepper Pantry and doing it on a budget, you first want to make a plan. Prepare a weekly Prepper Pantry grocery list that includes all those non-perishable foods that you buy on a regular basis.

Next, add other non-perishable foods that can replace those perishable foods that you also buy regularly. An example of replacements for perishable foods would be adding canned chicken to your grocery list in place of fresh chicken.

In summary, your Prepper Pantry grocery list contains:

  • Non-perishable foods that you buy regularly
  • Non-perishable foods that can replace the perishable foods that you buy regularly

Now you have a complete list that represents one week of groceries that you can start adding to your Prepper Pantry little by little each time you go grocery shopping.

Each week when you do your regular grocery shopping, start adding $5 worth of additional groceries that you can check off from your Prepper Pantry grocery list. Over the next couple of weeks, once you have checked off all the items on your grocery list, you will now have one week’s worth of extra groceries that you can store in your Prepper Pantry.

Establish a System for Your Prepper Pantry Grocery List

Once you purchase everything on your first Prepper Pantry grocery list, start all over again. Create a new list and start shopping again for those Prepper Pantry items in $5 increments. Once you check everything off your second list, you’ll have two weeks of groceries stored in your Prepper Pantry. (Yea! Congratulations!)

As I describe in my accompanying video for this blog post, each time you complete a list, you’ll start your shopping process all over again. Do this for a year (and beyond!) to continue to stock your Prepper Pantry.

At the end of one year following this grocery list system, you will have approximately 250 to 300 pounds of extra food in your Prepper Pantry.

Under normal circumstances, you can use the food in your Prepper Pantry to restock your main working pantry—the kitchen pantry you access on a daily basis. But more importantly, you can use this extra food to restock your working pantry when your food supplies may be low due to an emergency that prevents you from going to the grocery store.

Set a Budget to Stock Your Prepper Pantry

As you create your Prepper Pantry grocery list and begin to stock your Prepper Pantry, look at your family’s budget and find at least five dollars extra that you can spend over and above your weekly grocery budget.

And how often do you shop for groceries? Each week? Every other week, or just once a month? Set aside your extra funds, depending on the frequency you shop at your supermarket. For example:

  • Once a week: $5 extra
  • Every two weeks: $10 extra
  • Once a month: $20 extra

With the extra budget in mind, you can plan for the items you’ll buy for your Prepper Pantry with each visit to your grocery store.

You can set aside more funds than five dollars a week for your Prepper Pantry, but at least start with five dollars to see how far it will go and the bargains you can get for your extra budget.

Shop with Variety from Your Prepper Pantry Grocery List

Most importantly, remember to shop with variety in mind when you are buying items on your Prepper pantry grocery list. In case your shopping plans are interrupted, you do not want your Prepper Pantry just to be filled with bags of dried beans!

Always think in terms of variety and meal planning when you are shopping for these foods to stock your Prepper Pantry. An example would be to buy two boxes of spaghetti and one jar of spaghetti sauce on one shopping trip and then maybe a bag of oatmeal and canned fruit on another.

Be a Savvy Grocery Shopper

Look at sales and clearance items, as well as bulk goods that can, but may not always, offer savings over purchasing items individually. For example, is it cheaper to buy a bundled six-pack of canned chicken, or would you save money by buying six individual cans of chicken? Have your calculator handy so you can quickly see how much each item costs.

For example, if a six-pack of canned chicken costs $7.99, and each individual can of chicken costs $1.25, which is the better buy?

To calculate the price of each can of chicken in the six-pack, we divide the cost of the entire package by the number of individual items. In this case, we divide $7.99 by 6 (the number of cans in the bundle), and we get approximately $1.33 per can. That’s more expensive than each individual can at $1.25! So the choice is clear…buy the individual cans of chicken.

Remember to Rotate and Experiment

As you stock your Prepper Pantry, always remember to rotate your items using a first-in/first-out system. This queuing system will help you avoid winding up with a lot of food that has expired or gone stale.

Plus, as you stock up on those non-perishable foods, such as canned chicken, to replace your normal perishable foods, be sure to experiment with new recipes using these types of canned foods. This way, you will learn what you like and also be prepared with an arsenal of recipes that will allow you to quickly and easily make a meal using these canned foods when the need arises.

For example, did you buy a bag of 15 Bean Soup? Try out my Best Bean Soup with Ham Recipe to see if you like this bean mixture. If so, get a few more bags for your Prepper Pantry on your next shopping trip.

And remember, even if you don’t need to use the non-perishable foods that are replacements for your perishable foods, you still want to rotate them into your working pantry from time to time. This process will prevent foods from languishing in your Prepper Pantry, causing them to expire or decrease in their nutrition.

Start Your Prepper Pantry Grocery List Today

Create your Prepper Pantry grocery list today and take it with you on your next shopping trip. The sooner you start stocking your Prepper Pantry, the better! Don’t wait till an emergency strikes to stock up. Start now. You will be glad that you did.

When you stock your Prepper Pantry over time, you will save money in the long run because you will be able to compare prices of items and find your best deals. Plus, you will not feel under pressure to rush. Building a Prepper Pantry little by little prevents the need to rush out and stock up on supplies during an emergency, which may cause you to pay more for an item. Or worse, the items you need may simply be out of stock!

Watch Previous Prepper Pantry Videos

Here are the first two Prepper Pantry videos in my special three-part series in case you missed them. The first video talks about how your Prepper Pantry is a vital part of your Four Corners Pantry. The second video provides you with many examples of products to include in your Prepper Pantry.

Like my third video in the series, the stocking video is quite detailed. You can play this video as you tour your pantry to see what items you have and which ones you may need. And be sure to print out my free Pantry List eBook so you can make notes and personalize your Prepper Pantry.

Here are the links that I reference in the videos to help you calculate how much food storage you’ll need and learn about guidelines for the shelf life of your foods.

An Essential List for Your Prepper Pantry

The three videos in this special series show you how to plan and stock your Prepper Pantry. Be sure to download your free pantry list to help you create your Prepper Pantry grocery list. And bring your printed Pantry List to the grocery store with you or have the Pantry List eBook handy on your mobile phone so you’ll know which items to look for.

You can add the printed Pantry List to your Kitchen Journal too.

Prepper Pantry Recipes

In my How to Stock Your Prepper Pantry with Real Food blog post, I provide you with links to a number of recipes that you can follow to create delicious meals from the items in your long-term storage.

Another great way to save money is to make items to stock in your Prepper Pantry. In doing so, you not only help to extend your grocery budget, but you also gain essential skills to help you along your journey from a processed foods kitchen to a traditional foods kitchen.

Vinegar Recipes

To grow your traditional foods skills, try making vinegar for your extended pantry with the recipes in the following videos.

Salt, Sugar, and Seasoning Recipes

Salts, and sugars, and seasonings are perfect for long-term storage. Make the following recipes so you’ll have the ingredients you’ll need for delicious recipes based on foods in your Prepper Pantry.

Home Canning Recipes

Learn how to water bath can food, and you’ll have the skills you’ll need to make food safe for long-term storage. The following videos will show you all the books and equipment that you’ll need, and you can put what you learn in practice by making a delicious low sugar strawberry jam recipe.

Dried Beans Recipe

One recipe that I didn’t include in my previous blog post is how to prepare dried beans properly. Every Prepper Pantry needs a good supply of dried beans, and if you follow my recipe below, you can maximize the nutrition from the beans for your meals.

Related Videos

And for more information, especially if you are interested in learning about shelf life and expiration dates, be sure to watch the video below all about what I like to call Forever Foods.

In these next two videos, I share lots of creative ideas about the traditional foods and home remedies that are essential to stocking your Four-Corners Pantry!

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