I remember when our son Ben was growing up and how excited he would get when it was time to dress up for trick or treating. He always loved donning his Star Wars costume and battling the scary ghosts and goblins in the neighborhood while collecting tasty candies at the same time.

Did you know that there are also scary things in your traditional foods kitchen? However, don’t let them frighten you away. Once you get to know what they are, they won’t seem so scary after all. In fact, they may be quite delicious!

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An Unexpected Spider Web

That spider web on your homemade vinegar sure looks frightening. You may even motion loved ones to back away as you reach for your magic whisk to defend yourself.

When it comes to making fruit scrap vinegars, especially those that start with the scraps of sweet fruits, like pineapple or strawberries, you might discover a white spider-web film forming across the top of your vinegar-in-the-making. This white film is kahm yeast.

The good news is that kahm yeast is not harmful, but it is persnickety! But don’t worry. Just skim it off the top, and then give your vinegar liquid a good stir.

You can learn how to make a pineapple fruit scrap vinegar in the following video. And if kahm yeast makes an unexpected appearance, you’ll know how to drive off this unexpected pest.

Aliens to Give You Pause

Were they aliens that didn’t make it back on the mothership? This is something that will give you pause (paws?) the first time you see them.

Whether you call them chicken feet or chicken paws, they’re nothing to be afraid of. They’re your best friend if you’re looking for a way to make sure your chicken bone broth or mushroom broth is gelatinous.

The secret to nutritious bone broth is to make it as gelatinous as possible. Once refrigerated, your bone broth should look like gelatin. The gelatin occurs because bones, especially cartilage, are rich in collagen. And once you cook bones and cartilage, the collagen seeps out to make your bone broth gelatinous.

Find out how to make Homemade Collagen Rich Bone Broth using aliens…I mean chicken feet…for under $2.00.

The Blob

Did this giant blob originate from a small meteorite that fell on earth? (Note to self: Don’t poke at any meteorites.) Does this creature come in peace?

You’re seeing a picture of a SCOBY, which stands for “Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast,” and you use it to make a fermented tea known as Kombucha.

This SCOBY allows us to take a simple sweetened black tea and turn it into a delightfully effervescent probiotic-rich beverage. Moreover, we can do this at home for a fraction of the cost of buying it from the store.

So don’t be afraid of this blob. Learn how to use it to make Kombucha in the following recipe video.

The Scariest Picture of All

This is probably the scariest picture of all, and not for the full of stomach. Is there still hope?

Yes! There is hope for this empty bread basket. You can create many bakery delights to treat yourself and your family. Try a no-knead sandwich bread or yeast dinner rolls and banish your growling stomach with some delightful homemade bread.

If you’ve never made bread before, it’s easy with the following delicious recipes.

An All Saints’ Day Tradition

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the spooky things you might discover (or want to encounter) in your Traditional Foods Kitchen.

During this time of year, we like to celebrate All Saints Day with a Chickpea and Pork Rib Soup—A Northern Italian Tradition. And legend holds that if you eat this soup on November 1, you will be blessed with good fortune and protection!

Marys Nest Chickpea and Pork Rib Soup Recipe

This soup makes an abbondanza meal, which means an abundant meal—a meal of plenty. I hope you’ll give it a try and treat yourself to some leftover Halloween candy afterward. 😊

Looking for Chicken Feet?

If you can’t find chicken feet in your neighborhood supermarket to make your collagen-rich bone broth, check out US Wellness Meats for the meats, bones, and other essentials to make bone broth and other delicious and nutritious meals in your Traditional Foods Kitchen.

This post is not sponsored. I’m a long-time customer of US Wellness Meats because I have always been impressed by the quality of their products. Check out my US Wellness Meats unboxing video to see the types of products you can get, including bones for beef bone broth!

Grind Your Own Flour with the Mockmill

Storing whole grains is better than storing flour in your Pepper Pantry because whole grains have a longer shelf life than all-purpose or wheat flour. However, you’ll need a manual or electric grain mill if you want to turn your whole grains into flour so you can make no-knead sandwich bread or yeast rolls.

When it comes to electric grain mills, after I did A LOT of research, I decided to buy a Mockmill. And am I so happy I did! The Mockmill is a very affordable but beautifully crafted German-made mill that stone grinds grain with settings ranging from 1 to 10—fine to coarse ground grain.

Learn more about Mockmill electric grain mills for making fresh flour and their Flake Lover’s Flaker that flakes whole grain in minutes. (This is not a sponsored post, I bought the Mockmill products that I show you, and I’m a happy user of their devices in my kitchen.)

Masontops Mason Jar Fermentation Kit Discount Coupon

Although you don’t need any special equipment to start making ferments, the Masontops kit can help you simplify the process and enable you to create your ferment successfully. In my Masontops unboxing video, I show you my Masontops Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit and go over everything the kit includes.

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