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Which Sugar is the Best? Essential Sugars for Your Prepper Pantry

Watch the Essential Sugars for your Prepper Pantry video

In today’s video, I walk you through the Essential Sugars that you should be stocking in both your Working Pantry and your Prepper Pantry. We start with your basic pure cane sugar and work our way all across the sugar continuum until we reach Sucanat!

In this blog post that accompanies my tutorial video, you can learn about:

Affiliates note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. My content may contain affiliate links to products and services. If you click through and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission. It does not affect the price you pay.

What are the Essential Sugars?

When it comes to knowing the right type of sugars—your essential sugars—that you should be stocking in your everyday Working Pantry and your Extended or “Prepper” Pantry, you need to:

  1. Get to know what each sugar is and how to use it best.
  2. Taste each sugar and decide which flavors you like.

But most importantly, as you journey from a processed foods kitchen to a traditional foods kitchen, you want to reduce your reliance on highly refined sugar (such as white cane sugar) and replace it with unrefined sugars (such as Sucanat).

But don’t worry! If you are overwhelmed when you go to the grocery store and see rows and rows of different types of sugars and whole sweeteners, you’re not alone. I receive lots of video comments and emails from many of you who have told me that you’re not sure how to choose the right type of sugar. So…What are the essential sugars?

In my detailed video, I go over each of the following essential sugars, how the sugars are made, and how best to use the sugars in your baking and cooking. (Each link below goes to the timestamp where I talk about that sugar in my video.)

To learn more about the shelf-life of sugars, consult the following references:

Recipes with Sucanat

As you learn more about the different types of essential sugars available to home cooks, you will want to start incorporating more unrefined sugars and sweeteners into your home baking and cooking.

In the following videos and accompanying recipes, I share how you can start replacing white sugar with Sucanat in baking. You’ll also learn how to make a sweetened powdered coffee creamer that’s healthier than anything you can buy at the store.

Make Your Own Brown Sugar

Want to stop buying sugar and learn to make your own? In my brown sugar video, I walk you through how to make the following sugars:

  • Light brown sugar
  • Dark brown sugar
  • Mock Sucanat

You’ll be adding these brown sugars to your pantry of essential sugars in no time.

Alternative Low Cal and No Cal Sweeteners

Are you watching your waistline and want to eliminate sugar from your diet? No problem! In my Keto recipe video, I show you how to make a Keto-friendly coffee creamer, but I devote a large part of the video to an overview of all the Keto-friendly and low-carb sweeteners on the market today. (Each link below goes to the timestamp where I talk about that low calorie and no calorie sugar in my Keto video.)

Free Pantry List of Essential Items

Your Four Corners Pantry consists of your:

  • Everyday Working Pantry
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Extended Pantry (also known as your Prepper Pantry)

To learn how to stock your Four Corners Pantry with essential items, be sure to download my FREE 36-page Essential Traditional Foods Pantry List.

This comprehensive eBook will walk you through step-by-step with everything you need to stock in your Traditional Foods Pantry. Plus, you’ll find links to lots of videos showing you how to use the items you store in your pantry alongside your essential sugars.

More Whole Sugar Recipes

Want more ideas on how to incorporate whole, unrefined sugars into your recipes? Watch the following videos and print out the accompanying recipes.

Ultimate Prepper Pantry Video Series

Do you feel behind when it comes to being prepared? Learn the basics of creating and stocking your pantry with my Ultimate Prepper Pantry series. In addition to what foods are best to store and how to do this on a tight budget, you’ll also find these in-depth topics:

In the videos below, I share everything you need to know to get started and be successful—and you can start with as little as an extra $5 per week!

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