Learn all about Aldi’s Best Holiday Bargains you need to buy now before they run out. You’ll have everything you need for your holiday table from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s!

Watch the Aldi’s BEST Holiday Bargains You Need to Buy Now video

In my video, I give you a tour of Aldi’s special Charcuterie Platter display, along with many of their holiday goodies. I also show you some of their regular products that continue to be good bargains and are worthy of a look when you shop.

And in this blog post, I also show you the price differences between the items I found in August and those in my recent November visit. Unfortunately, some prices have risen with inflation, but there are some surprises that you’ll learn about as you read on.

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Aldi Holiday Display for Making a Charcuterie Platter

Aldi had a massive display with a variety of products to help you create a charcuterie platter, which is typically a selection of delicious appetizers placed on a wooden board or serving tray. As you can see in the image below, they had a lot of food to choose from, including assorted nuts and crackers. In my Aldi Holiday video, I show you many of the selections and their prices.

You can use these foods, finds from your own grocery store, and any goodies you may have stored in your pantry to create your own holiday platter. In the following video, I show you how to create a giant party platter. And be sure to download the accompanying printable guide to make it easier for you to plan for and arrange the ingredients.

Price Inflation at Aldi

You’ve seen prices going up almost every week at your local grocery store, and Aldi is not immune to inflation price increases. In my Aldi Holiday video, I talk about some of the price differences that I noticed in the store, and in this section, I go over additional ones that I discovered between my August and November visits to Aldi.

However, there is some good news. If you can catch an Aldi deal or special, you may even find a few of the products to be the same as or cheaper than they were over the summer. So it pays to shop around and take advantage of sales!

Fideo Pasta

I’ve talked about how much I love Fideo pasta since it makes the perfect accompaniment to soup and other dishes, like my homemade Rice-a-Roni. I especially liked Aldi’s Fideo since it is made out of durum semolina flour, which is the best flour for pasta. However, I was surprised to learn of the 46% price increase from $0.28 to $0.41. (And what’s with these new digital price displays?)

Marinara Sauce

The marinara price looks like it took a jump from $1.69 to $1.95 in the span of four months, but on closer inspection, it looks like the regular price was $1.95 in August, and that’s the current price in November. (However, if you zoom in with your web browser, you may also notice that the regular price has gone up a few pennies this month to $1.99.)

Aldi’s marinara sauce may still be attractive to buy, since you can store it for the long term in your Prepper Pantry. (I always like having multiple streams of food.). However, if you’d like to make fresh marinara sauce, I show you how in the following recipe video.

Rotini and Farfalle Pasta

Here’s another jump in price. (And another digital price display.) The tri-color rotini and farfalle pasta increased from $0.75 to $0.81 between August and November. It’s still a tempting buy for a 12-ounce box, and it’s also made with durum semolina flour.

Most of the good quality pastas you’ll find in your grocery store are made with durum semolina flour, and I would make sure that any pasta you’re considering has this ingredient. Once I thought I had a great deal on pasta on my grocery store’s clearance endcap, but when I read the ingredients, I discovered it was made with all-purpose flour. Alas. I put it back.

Long-Grain White Rice

Now here’s some good news. Aldi’s long-grain white rice price has stayed the same since the last time I checked. It’s $5.09 for a 10-pound bag. Yes. You can probably get a better price if you buy in bulk from a big box store like Costco or Sam’s, but I was glad to see that Aldi was able to keep the price the same despite inflationary pressures.

Canned Tuna

Here’s a canned product that has stayed the same in price, although the ingredients in the picture are slightly different. I show you a picture of Tuna in water for $0.77 in August and Tuna in oil for the same price in November. I believe they also have Tuna in water, but I didn’t get a picture of it while I was there this month. If you have to pick between the two, water is the better ingredient.

Like the white rice, you can store cans of tuna for the long term in your Prepper Pantry. And once you’re ready to make meals from your pantry ingredients, try one of the following tuna recipes. I especially like the Depression Era Tuna Pie since it’s a lot like chicken pot pie.

Packaged Yeast

And here’s a happy note. The prices for their packaged yeast have gone down from $0.89 to $0.79, and just in time for holiday baking. Yes. It’s an Aldi Savers price, but at least it’ll help you balance out your budget if other ingredients have gone up in price.

And if you have yeast, be sure to make these easy yeast dinner rolls. They’ll be crowd-pleasers around your dinner table.

Applesauce at Aldi

I was glad to see unsweetened apple sauce on sale at Aldi for a good price. When applesauce is left unsweetened, you can use it as a substitute for other ingredients and in many baked goods to make them light and fluffy.

I always like to keep some shelf-stable applesauce in my pantry. If I have a big container of applesauce, I’ll move it to my refrigerator after opening it. When you have a choice between flavors, such as sweetened or cinnamon, remember that unsweetened is the best and most versatile applesauce to have.

And if you have a bounty of apples, you can also make your own apple sauce using a food mill.

If you’re looking for substitutions, you have to add the paperback book Substituting Ingredients: The A to Z Kitchen Reference to your kitchen bookshelf. This book is reasonably priced and a valuable resource for any home cook.

Cranberry Sauce at Aldi

Unfortunately, the cranberry sauce at Aldi contains high fructose corn syrup, and I don’t recommend foods made with high fructose corn syrup. It is not a traditional food and something we do not want in our traditional foods kitchens!

Cranberry sauce manufacturers should use whole sugars instead, or at least white cane sugar, but high fructose corn syrup is cheaper, and manufacturers may be even more reluctant to stop using high fructose corn syrup during these inflationary times when they’re trying to make a profit and provide consumers with affordable goods.

Instead of buying cranberry sauce with high fructose corn syrup, get some whole cranberries from your supermarket and make homemade cranberry sauce. It’ll be much better for you than the store-bought kind, and it’ll be tastier too. Here are two recipes for making your own cranberry sauce.

Cauliflower Rice at Aldi

If you are watching your carbs but don’t want to miss out on the lovely taste-and-mouth feel of mashed potatoes, try riced cauliflower. In my video, I show you the price of a bag of frozen cauliflower rice at Aldi.

However, it’ll be cheaper for you to make your own cauliflower rice, which is a superb ingredient for keto recipes. It’s easy to create, and I show you how in the video below. You can even make a large batch in advance and dehydrate it to use later!

Food Coloring at Aldi

During the holidays, we will certainly be doing a lot of baking. It was fun to see all the baking ingredients at Aldi, including the cookie cutters, colorful cupcake wrappers, red and green sprinkles, and more. Baking treats over the holidays is a delightful activity that brings the family together and creates many cherished memories.

However, as traditional foods cooks, so many of us do not want to use the artificial colorings sold at the grocery store to make our colorful holiday treats. The good news is that homemade food colorings made from real foods are easy to make and are an excellent addition to the traditional foods kitchen.

More Aldi Videos

I hope you enjoyed joining me at Aldi’s and learning about their holiday treats and bargains. For more Aldi hauls, check out the videos below, including one haul in which every item cost me under $1.00!

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